We’ve tried to make the site and everything around it as straightforward as possible, but we know that some questions will go unanswered. Therefore, we have created this page to answer those questions.

How do you decide what to cover?

It really comes down to what we’re interested in at any given moment. First and foremost, we want to write good content and being particularly interested in what we’re writing about makes that goal that much easier to achieve.

That being said, there are certain times that we know we should cover certain games or events and, as such, we will do what we can to cover those regardless.

I’m a developer and I want you to cover my game. How do I make sure you know about it?

Email us at contact@twocredits.gg and we’ll take a look at it. Be aware that reaching out to us does not guarantee that we will write about your game.

What are “critiques” and “perspectives?”

Those are our versions of reviews and editorials, respectively. We wanted to use terminology that is free from the stigma that usually comes along with words such as “review” or “editorial” and is a bit more honest about exactly what it is that we are offering.

Our critiques aren’t going to be like traditional reviews (exempting the content that we brought over from the 2017 version of the site). They’re going to be focused exclusively on what is notable about the games that we write about, offering a more detailed look at why those aspects of the game are notable. As such, you won’t catch us wasting space talking about every aspect of a game, as if working through some sort of checklist.

Additionally, we may not even finish every game that we critique. If some aspect of a game was so incredibly off-putting that we felt that we should just put it down, we wanted to reserve the right to cut our playthrough short there and discuss, in detail, why it was that we decided to do so. Using a term like “critique” removes the expectation that we have finished the game.

Similarly, content based on Early Access games, Alphas, Betas, demos, or otherwise unfinished games can also be labeled a “critique.”

Perspectives are exactly what they sound like: they’re our perspective(s) on some situation in gaming.

How do you handle Early Access critiques?

Early Access is a unique situation where a game is both unfinished and available for purchase. Thus, we have two goals when writing Early Access critiques: to avoid replaying as much as possible when we go back to critique the finished title and to give our readers a good idea of where the game is at at the time of the critique.

In order to avoid replaying as much as possible later, we will rarely play Early Access games for more than a few hours before writing critiques about them. The reason for this is that we are a small outlet of only two people and we simply do not have the time to spend on multiple playthroughs of every Early Access game. Given that, we would rather spend time on full playthroughs of the games we cover when they are complete.

That being said, Early Access games are products that are being sold online and we treat them as such. We do our best to accurately report the state of each game at the time of the critique. The game may very well be in a better state later, but the same can be said of “finished” games, as well. Consumers deserve to know what it is that they’re buying when they go to buy it.

However, critiques of Early Access games don’t have a general recommendation at the end of each critique, as critiques of finished games do. The reason for this is that we felt that there would often be too many caveats that came along with the general recommendation, be it positive or negative.

Can I submit content to be published on the site?

No. We can’t pay you, so we don’t even want you to submit content.

But it’s not about the pay for me.

We still don’t want you submitting content unless there’s a reasonable chance that we can fairly compensate you for it.

I subscribed to your Patreon for $3 or more per month. Why do I still see ads?

For the time being, the ad-free browsing part of your Patreon subscription is being handled manually. Link your Patreon account to your account on the site and one of us should see your new subscription and give you ad-free browsing within a few hours.

We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to have a better solution ready to go as soon as possible.